Prudential Nespresso NHS Cunard Sky ITV
Prudential Nespresso NHS Cunard Sky ITV

Rachel Pierman is a joy to work with. When you book Rachel, you know she’ll turn up on time,
immaculately and appropriately turned out, and fully prepared for whatever we’re doing that day. She really cares about her work

Lucy Smickersgill, BBC Producer - Inside Out

A mix of Claudia Winkleman and Mother Gothel (from Tangled), this girl can sing! Ask her to do the impression, its hilarious

William Mealyea - Sounds Commercial

Rachel and I worked together at ITV on Divided. No matter how unruly the contestants, or confused the presenter (me!) Rachel was always there to pick up the pieces. She's as funny and charming at the bar as she is on set.

Andrew Castle - Presenter, ITV

Rachel is extremely talented, looks beautiful on camera and has a rare gift for communicating with her audience. What sets Rachel apart is her ability to work as part of a team in any situation!....

Jo Laidlaw - TV Production RBS


A Glimpse of the work I’m doing at present, and some of my favourite bits from the not too distant past. Please click on the fullscreen icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video if you wish to view these videos fullscreen.


A recent BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Inside Out exploring the sensitive and less understood subject of male anorexia.


The production team wanted to give this Race to London event a Top Gear feel. I’m not sure who was who, but no punches were thrown in the making of this film! This was mostly ad-libbed with a rough script guideline.


The client wanted to create an X Factor type audition process for their employees who were going to appear in a commercial. My job was to host the event, interview them, write my own links, bring the piece together and make it fun. I was definitely a Dermot and not a Simon!


I’ve been working with Prudential for a few years, we update the various online videos every year. My job is to read the autocue without it looking like I am, and make pensions sound interesting!


I worked with RBS for 4 years, every year was different, this was a monthly in house magazine show for all employees of the group. It wasn’t auto cued so I had to learn the information. I started dreaming about fiscal rates!


My very first job was to play Hecate and Macduffs son for a BBC radio production of Macbeth in 1996. The fire was lit and since then I have worked with countless companies providing a voice for narration, commercials, infomercials, websites, animations, and continuity. A couple of years ago I was the quizmaster on ITV’s (and Endemols) teatime show, Divided, alongside Andrew Castle, a role in which I could adlib, wind up the contestants and be cheeky, I loved it! For the last 18 months I was the sole voice on the Argos Website; there is nothing I don’t know about Kettles!

I have a hint of Northern (although I can do straight RP), and it’s been said that my voice is friendly, approachable, authorative and reassuring. All good attributes when you are trying to get a point across or sell something! With my acting training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, I’m not averse to acting either! If you need a voice sample for your production, do get in touch, I can use my home studio to whizz something along for you to listen to in minutes! I’d love to hear from you and rise to the challenge!







About Me

Hi. If you’ve just watched my showreel, you’ll have seen a mere glimpse of the work I’ve done over the past 15 years. I thought it best to show you my current work and where I’m at now, and that leads me to the BBC!

Amongst other things I’m currently a presenter on Inside Out for BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. I love this job; delving into other peoples lives, educating myself (and hopefully viewers) in an entertaining and interesting way. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years and long may it continue.

If my showreel was much longer I’d show you loads of work from my past, like me hosting live daytime shows Brainteaser and Memorybank (five), working with Richard and Judy (Channel 4), presenting Living Live (Sky), movie reviewing for The Look (Sky), gossiping with chefs on Taste Today (Food Network), loads of celebrity interviews for Preview (ITV), 2 years worth of live in-vision continuity (ITV2), bantering with Andrew Castle and contestants on ITV’s show Divided, plus lots more.

I’m no stranger to the corporate world either. I’ve hosted many live events for clients like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Argos and RBS, and done some silly stuff for them too, (see the ‘Flybe come Top Gear’ and ‘Prudential come XFactor’ corporate reels). I bring experience and maturity to the table and clients seem to like that, they tell me I’m easy to work with too.

I’m also a very experienced voiceover artist. Listen carefully and you’ll find me on the web, tv, and radio. I record daily VO content from my home studio for many different clients, (sometimes in pajamas, it depends if the client is in the USA and I wake up to an URGENT 7am email!) For the last 18 months I have been the sole voice on the Argos website, recording and editing VO content from my home.

I’ve also acted in my time, aided by my training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. I left the school all dewy eyed dreaming of an Oscar (the statue not a man), you never know, I’m not dead yet, there is still time!

In short, if you need a host for a live event, someone to present a live or pre recorded TV show, work with multiple cameras, interview people, write the interviews and ptc’s, learn stuff, read autocue (without it looking like I am), work with an earpiece, inject some wit and humour into proceedings, voice your commercials/infomercials, narrate your documentaries, or represent your brand in a serious corporate manner, please do get in touch, because that’s what I do and I would be very happy to do it for you!

Thanks for reading. Now go and have a biscuit or gluten free alternative!

Rachel x
Want to get in touch?

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